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One-on-one guidance session (60 minutes)

These sessions form the basis for your child’s long-term relationship with Smiling Fox. Meetings are usually weekly, where your child and their guide take time to get to know each other, develop trust and discover actions that help manage all of life’s challenges – big and small.

Guidance sessions are booked regularly over the entire school calendar year. As your child progresses, sessions move through the problem-solving process with the aim to explore choices in your child’s life, take action, learn to reflect and try again if need be.

Sessions are always child-led, moving as fast or as slow as your child needs to feel supported and comfortable with each small outcome.

Our guide and your child work together to:

  • Develop trust
  • Explore and understand their unique concerns
  • Brainstorm actions
  • Evaluate all options
  • Reflect on the action taken to address the concern, then readjust the strategy for the future

As the year progresses, our sessions begin to focus on finishing the Smiling Fox relationship, and we discuss closure, anxiety, grief and separation and how to successfully manage these emotions.

Siblings guidance session

Sibling guidance session (90 minutes)

Siblings have a special bond, there is no denying this, but sometimes that bond can be a little strained! Our special sibling sessions are designed to resolve family conflict by bringing children together in a neutral space. At Smiling Fox, they have the opportunity to discuss challenges and conflicts in a supported, safe environment, led by our guide. Together, we work out what is really going on – what the root cause of the issues are – and strategically find ways to overcome them.

Throughout our conversation, significant focus is directed at fostering empathy and kindness to help bring about calmer home life. Our guide helps kids learn strategies to work together on problems and better manage conflicts as they arise without adult intervention.

Mindfulness features in both our sibling and one on one sessions, meaning all children that visit Smiling Fox experience the benefits of regular practice.

Mindfulness Meditation for Kids

Mindfulness meditation for kids (30 minutes)

Regular mindfulness meditation has been shown to:

  • Reduce anxiety and stress
  • Improve self-esteem
  • Benefit positive decision making
  • Increase emotional regulation skills
  • Heighten a child’s sense of worth

At Smiling Fox, we engage a variety of mindfulness practices to help kids focus on their own journeys as they learn new skills and use the power of imagination to bring about positive change. Our guided meditation for kids is tailored to your child’s interests and abilities, helping them take a break from brainwork and relax into a calm, happy place.

30 minute mindfulness meditation be added onto child and sibling guidance sessions, or purchased as a standalone service.

Additional offerings for child welfare providers

Kodie from Smiling Fox

Service provider support (60/90 minutes)

As part of Smiling Fox’s commitment to helping improve the social and emotional wellbeing of our children, Kodie Batchelor now offers caseload management assistance for the Department of Communities and associated child welfare services. As part of a team of dedicated professionals, her dual-directed approach targets high-risk and trauma clients to help bring safety and security back to their life, whilst incorporating Smiling Fox’s guided mentoring principles and mindfulness meditation techniques.

Workplace guided meditation (30 minutes)

Smiling Fox understands the pressure fellow professionals in the area of child welfare face. As such, guided workplace meditation and mindfulness sessions are also available to help ease daily stress and unload the intensity often experienced with work in this field.


Child guidance: $95.00

Sibling guidance: $125.00

Mindfulness meditation for kids: $30.00 (Purchase 4 sessions at $95)

Caseload guidance: Please email for more information.

Workplace guided meditation: $30.00 (Purchase 4 sessions at $95)

Concession rates are available – if financial hardship is a concern, please reach out.

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