A Gathering of the Childless Stepmums!

This is a passion project, close to my heart…

Childless Stepmums will meet every six weeks at Corner’s by the Bay in Bunbury. First catch up is:

Saturday 24th July!

We are, indeed, a unique bunch. Caught between our solo, independent world and a world of partners, ex-partners, their children and their extended families, we hover somewhere on the boundary, witnessing a family’s life evolve and hanging on for the ride.

This is a group for women in relationships with a man or woman and their children. For whatever reason, you do not have children of your own. You have chosen to love a ready-made family, and I know you feel elated, upset, frustrated and strung out!

For new and established childless stepmums (please, we need your guidance!) Join us for coffee and cake by the water at Corners by the Bay, Bunbury.