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We’re a service for families

Welcome to Smiling Fox, where your child is invited to work side-by-side with our experienced guide to solve problems and navigate life’s ups and down. We take a fun and relaxed approach to support kids in a welcoming space, with a particular focus on trust, building relationships and fun.

In particular, we work with kids from separated families and offer extra support to fathers raising children.

Kodie - Smiling Fox

Experienced guide and mentor Kodie works with your child as a friend and ally

As a team, your child and Kodie discuss and unpack problems. Together, they look at different perspectives and find solutions that makes sense to your child.

Mindful meditation also features in each session, boosting your child’s experience by providing a peaceful space for reflection. With regular mindfulness practice, your child will have:

  • increased concentration and awareness
  • lasting positive relationships
  • an understanding of their emotions and how to react in non-harmful ways

Smiling Fox believes in:

Trust: A long-term friendship between your child and Kodie means they feel safe and secure.

Fun: Your child’s interests and hobbies are used, and we mix in a little playfulness too!

Connection: We grow your child’s connection to themselves, others, parents and friends.

Dads: We know you feel the connection to your kid keenly, and we want to help. Smiling Fox can be the first place to contact when you are worried about any changes in behaviour that you see in your child.


How we help

One-on-one guidance: These sessions connect with your child regularly and move through the guidance process in a logical, self-paced way.  

Sibling guidance: Siblings grow kindness and empathy to each other in these special sessions. We introduce new skills into the home for a calmer, more cohesive family environment.  

Mindfulness meditation for kids: A soothing addition to guidance that engages kid’s imaginations and shows them how to calm themselves in challenging situations. 

Kodie - Smiling Fox

About Smiling Fox

Smiling Fox founder and lead guide Kodie Batchelor is passionate about supporting our young people at the beginning of their social and emotional journey. Her philosophy is that with the right support and early intervention, easing kids into this fast-paced, high-pressure world is a constructive step towards preventing mental health issues in the future.

Kodie is a qualified educator, meditation teacher and holistic counsellor, with experience in youth work, disability services and creative therapies.  In 2021, she brought her skills together to establish her flagship child-led guidance service for 6 – 17 years olds, Smiling Fox.

Kodie’s services combine peer mentoring principles with practical mindfulness techniques. Over time, small shifts add up to big changes in managing emotions, solving problems and building self-confidence.

Smiling Fox is a home business located in the coastal city of Bunbury, however remote appointments are also available. 

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